What we do


Based on the Abrakadabra method we create homogeneous groups according to the age and competence of the children. Lessons can take place in kindergartens, schools, associations, in our child-friendly locations or in private homes. Courses are conducted in continuous cycles so that you can join a course at any time. Children are accompanied on a journey into a new world without stress or excessive demands. All in the name of fun!

Work with us!


Workshops are special, themed lessons. It can be cooking (making pizza or cookies for example), it can be an occasion (Halloween or Christmas for example), it can be nature (let's grow a plant etc.).

Materials (as with lessons) are always included in the price. Our workshops are very popular with children, they are engaging and fun and, of course, in language!
Work with us!

Learn by playing

the playful aspect facilitates learning

Certified Teachers

ensure adherence to the method

Happy children

are always happy to come to us


Play with us at Abrakadabra and with our characters in a safe environment: log in with the credentials you were given at registration! The system knows the topics you've done in class or during a workshop or an event and offers you games tailored to your learning level. Supplementary learning materials are also available, for those who want to "do more"!


On weekends or on special occasions we organize play/educational outings for families, such as an Abrakadabra treasure hunt in one or more languages, to have fun and learn together (currently some of these activities are discontinued due to the pandemic).

Summer Camps

Labs of one/two hours, half/one day or one or more weeks grest: find out on the page of the Abrakadabra office nearest to you the initiatives planned (currently some of these activities are interrupted due to the pandemic).


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